Author Interview: India Emerald

Book Squirrel has featured India Emerald’s books and an author spotlight before.
Today, you can meet this fabulous writer in one of the Squirrel’s famous author interviews!

Interview Orange

Welcome to another fabulous Book Squirrel Author Interview! Today I’d like to introduce to you an amazing writer who never ceases to amaze me with her talent and excellent writing.  I present to you today… India Emerald!

Hi India! Welcome!

Thank you, Book Squirrel! I’m delighted to be here.

That’s great. So… I guess it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of yours!

You say the sweetest things!

Tell us, India, what’s your favourite thing that you have written?

The Dying of the Mother Seed, I wrote that just for me 🙂  It was a story I wanted to write about the truth about coming of age, that it’s awkward and difficult.  I wrote it over the winter and it feels quite dark in nature.

What’s your favourite thing that someone else has written?

Everyone knows I’m a Shiva XIV fangirl, so I would go with that.  Lyra Shanti writes fantastic epic sci-fi and I think that writing shorts makes a good epic a real indulgence, for me.  The world building is outstanding; with short stories everything is contained so to be able to see a bigger world is a real treat.

Oh, I agree! Her books are fantastic! I wonder if she’d ever do an interview… oh! sorry! Got a bit distracted there. Er, let me see…

What are you working on writing now?

Another story featuring Peter and Verity from Hope’s Well. Several readers have asked for more and the only reason I didn’t before was that I’d just finished another series and I enjoy doing one offs. I always have a flash fiction on the go as well.

What’s the best vacation you’ve had?

This is going to sound strange but a disastrous Honeymoon.  Long story short, we were travelling to Italy on a motorbike and we were in an accident.  We ended up spending the duration in a German hospital, I had learned Italian and my other half spoke German.  I was relatively unscathed but Rob broke his nose and needed surgery.  I had to learn enough German to understand the doctors and buy what we needed to get home.  The hospital isn’t far from where we live now and the accident taught me not to put off things that you have a burning desire to do.  It was a blessing in disguise.

What movie can you watch over and over again?

The Fifth Element which I discovered is 20 years old, today.  There’s so much I love about it but Ruby Rhod is fantastic!  Ooh and Die Hard.  That’s a Christmas tradition, I watched it last Christmas with a new perspective because I could understand the German now I live here.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A teacher.  I didn’t get my place for the post-grad conversion course and I ended up working in a Library and then a Museum.  The Museum was wonderful because I got to educate and entertain (I have a degree in Performing Arts).  It’s also where I met my husband 🙂

What’s your favourite season? Why?

Autumn.  I enjoy the gentle heat and the sun is still strong.  I had an ex-boyfriend (many years ago) who used to say he could smell Christmas, in late October when it got crisper at night.  That was back in the UK though, Autumn here is a little milder.

I love Autumn, too. All those nuts…  

You’re nuts.

My nuts? Hey…

No. You are.

Oh! I see what you did there. 

<laughter from both>

Who are your three greatest literary inspirations?

Terry Pratchett, the thought of deliberately writing humour terrifies me and he was a master at it.  Margaret Atwood because nobody writes dystopian women as well as her.  Hullabaloo22 who’s a writer on Booksie, as far as I know she’s not got anything on Amazon but her stuff consistently blows me away.  She writes flash fiction and sometimes I get a real inferiority complex after reading her stuff, I’d recommend her pieces about the senses.  I read some of those and went “damn, I need to try this for world building.”

What would you like people to know about being an Indie author?

That you won’t find a more supportive bunch of friends anywhere.  Seriously.

You’d be surprised how many people say that! 

No, I wouldn’t… it’s the truth.

You got me there! Okay…

Name two things in life that you wish were easier.

Switching off, we live in a world of 24 hour news and phones that are plastered to our hips or hands.  The myth of “5 more minutes” on social media 😀  Don’t get me wrong I love my technology, but my workmates used to laugh when I told them my mobile was switched off when I had a day off.
My other one would be learning a new language, I seriously want a download like in The Matrix.  Every German I meet tells me that my German is great but comparing it to 39 years of speaking English is frustrating.  For someone who loves words, it can be frustrating to not know enough or not be 100% on the grammar.

Thank you for joining me today, India. brycelongdistance
I’ve really enjoyed chatting with you. 

Thanks for having me, Squirrel!

So folks, you can check out India’s books on Amazon, or you can read some reviews or her Author Spotlight right here on my blog!
You can also follow India on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and Amazon


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