Book Review: ‘The First Christmas’ by J.B. Richards

A beautiful retelling of the first Christmas story!

What a beautiful retelling of the first Christmas story!JB Richards The First Christmas

Richards has masterfully dramatised the family and society into which Yeshua was born, bringing characters and the vivid settings of first century Judea to life so that the reader feels as though they are right there, looking on.

Told from the perspective of a close family member who does not yet realise who Yeshua would become, this familiar story is intimately and affectionately told in a new and engaging way.

This book is suitable reading for anyone from YA and older, and would make lovely family reading before Christmas.

Golden Acorns
I have given ‘The First Christmas’ a Golden Acorn. I’ll bet the magi didn’t think of that!

Find ‘The First Christmas’ on Amazon.


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