Book Review: ‘Lineage’ by C.H. Clepitt

‘Lineage’: An excellent short dark read.

CH Clepitt Lineage
Down on her luck and facing more complications than a young woman needs, Emma bursts into the reader’s consciousness and quickly establishes herself as a likeable and loyal character. Having lived on her wits for some time, Emma takes the challenges she faces in her stride, although not terribly wisely.

Gudytha brings a new dimension to Emma’s life, and the events which bond them raise questions that intrigue the reader and make them want to know far more than what is told in this short story. The humour is dark yet vivid, which really appealed to me as a reader.

Not only do I enjoy this writer’s style immensely, I definitely want to read on and know more of this story. I plan to read the next short in this series very soon.

Acorn Award I Golden
An excellent short read, ‘Lineage’ has been awarded a Gold Acorn.

Find your copy here.


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