Book Review: ‘A Hare In The Wilderness’ by S.E. Turner

A very enjoyable fantasy story with a strong female role-model.

S.E. Turner A Hare In The WildernessI always appreciate a great story that teaches powerful lessons about human nature or about how we respond to the things that challenge us. ‘A Hare In The Wilderness’ is one such book: on one level, it is a powerful story of overcoming, of strength, and of love that will not let go. On a deeper level, it is one that reminds the reader that whatever flaw or weakness we may possess, there is far more to a person than that. When we build on our strengths rather than allowing our weakness direct our future, and choose to see the good in others rather than their flaws, we improve not only our own lives, but those of others, too. When we refuse to tolerate or accept prejudice and hatred, we empower those around us to do likewise.

‘A Hare In The Wilderness’ is a compelling and original fantasy tale, set in the fictional kingdoms of Ataxarta and Durundal. The settings focus more on the clan communities than on events at court, which makes the complications and challenges the people face highly relatable and involving for the reader, especially as they get to know the characters and communities better as the story progresses.
The characters form a wide and varied cast with Ajeya at centre-stage. A strong female role-model, she is a woman of both strength and conviction, committed to facing challenges head-on and overcoming the obstacles with which life presents her. Acorn Award II Silver

I really enjoyed this book. ‘A Hare In The Wilderness’ has been awarded a Silver Acorn.

Find your copy here.


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