Book Review: ‘Holiday Gone Wrong’ by Jennifer S. Alderson

A well balanced mystery novella.

Jennifer S Alderson Holiday Gone Wrong‘Holiday Gone Wrong is a short read with elements of mystery and intrigue, but also some lovely comic moments, all of which make the reader want to know more of Zelda and her story. The author does a great job of balancing all of those elements without giving away the storylines of the other books in which Zelda features.

This short read is enriched by vivid, detailed descriptions of the exotic locations which really transported me to those places and brought the story to life. The author has cleverly conveyed both the beauty of the places and the joy of experiencing them, which definitely enhances the reader’s enjoyment of the story.

Acorn Award II Silver‘Holiday Gone Wrong’ works perfectly well as a stand-alone, but also serves as a great introduction and/or companion to Alderson’s mystery novels which also feature Zelda Richardson.
This very enjoyable short read has been awarded a Silver Acorn.

Get your copy here.


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