Book Review: ‘Solitary Hunter: A Shifter Novella’ by Cherime MacFarlane

Set in the snow-draped wilds of Alaska with a cast of just four characters, ‘Solitary Hunter’ is a really good paranormal romance read. The storyline and settings are interesting and well developed, with heightened drama emanating from the unresolved tension between Ken and Alicia that is evident right from the outset. 

The thoughts and emotions of both Ken and Alicia are explored in depth, but there are still some enjoyable surprises for the reader as the narrative pdrogresses. 

As the story unfolds, the reader is reminded of the importance of telling someone that you care for them rather than taking the risk of losing them altogether. Granted, their situation has a significant complication, so it’s good to see both Ken and Alicia grappling with how best to deal with it rather than simply blowing it off as happens in some other books. We may not all be shifters, but each of us has something that makes us fear the rejection of others, especially if it’s a person whose acceptance we long for. 

Being a novella, the story is an ideal length to fit into a busy routine and still get satisfaction from reading something that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. 

A ‘Solitary Hunter’ has been awarded a Silver Acorn. 

Find your copy here


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