Book Review: ‘Blood and Ink’ by DK Marley

‘Blood and Ink’ is brilliant historical fiction that takes the questions surrounding Shakespeare’s life and the authorship of the works that bear his name, and weaves them into a most enjoyable and credible narrative. 

The story is rich in vibrant detail, from the sounds of horses’ hooves on cobblestones to the swish of cloaks and the innermost thoughts of both Shakespeare and Marlowe as it follows their lives from childhood to their final days. 

The web of intrigue and espionage surrounding the court of Queen Elizabeth I is brought to life in the characters who surround her and the machinations of the Star Chamber, drawing the reader into the high drama and adding another layer of complexity to the tale told in these pages. 

The writing is bold and vivid, seamlessly incorporating quotations from the works of both Shakespeare and Marlowe. While it is definitely fiction, the author has made the story feel so real that it could, in fact, be history. 

An excellent work of historical fiction, ‘Blood and Ink’ has been awarded a Gold Acorn.

Find your copy here.


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