Book Review: ‘Oathbreaker’ The Kings Hounds book 2 by Martin Jensen

This sequel to The King’s Hounds continues the story of the friendship between Winston and Halfdan as they find themselves investigating a murder at a monastery en route to carrying out another assignment on behalf of King Cnut.

Historical enmity and mistrust, not only between Saxons and Danes but also between two prominent monasteries, cloud the situation, requiring the two medieval amateur detectives to tread carefully while ferreting out the relevant facts and details from the actions and words of the cast of characters that surrounds them. 

This is a great story, full of interest and intrigue. The characters are varied and colourful, and the settings are lifelike and fascinating.

The story is embellished with interesting historical details and insights that enable the reader to develop their own questions and theories about the suspects, just as they would with a mystery set in the present, keeping them engaged in the plot and paying careful attention to the clues discovered and discussed by Winston and Halfdan. 

A most enjoyable medieval mystery read, ‘Oathbreaker’ has been awarded a Gold Acorn. 

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