Book of the Week: ‘Tails Always Wins’ by C.A. King

‘Tails Always Wins’ is the first in an exciting new series of paranormal romance thrillers by C.A. King. 

Shifters and humans clash in this supernatural thriller based on prejudice, injustice, uprisings, and romance.

It began with a handful of dogs on a dangerous breed registry. Over time, that number grew. Complete species faced extinction. Then the unthinkable happened – the government began adding shifters to the list. 

Brodie spent his entire life keeping his nose clean and his other form hidden from society. 

Tails spent the majority of her life learning the value of favours and how to extract them; a skill she put to good use for the cause. 

Betting against them is a deadly mistake. Wherever destiny leads them, luck is sure to follow. In the end, no matter how many times the coin is tossed, one thing holds true… Tails always wins!

So far, the reviewers are liking it!

Hang On To Your Shirt Tails!  That’s not all!

Book 2 of the series is also available for preorder. 


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