Book Review: ‘Deadly Deception’ by P.J. Mann

This story is based on a fascinating premise: if someone is a compulsive liar, how can they ever know if they are really telling the truth? The blurring of lines between truth and deceit is a key factor in this book, which drives the story and compels the main character in his choices and responses throughout the narrative. 

Ethan is a very interesting character, given that he is just such that kind of liar, and yet he yearns to be truthful although he cannot. In telling the story from his point of view, the author causes the reader to be sympathetic to him and his condition.

Ethan’s experiences are certainly thought-provoking, given our human nature’s tendency to reject liars and distrust them completely. If such a condition is involuntary, how can we treat the deluded person with justice and yet protect ourselves and everyone else from their lies? In this regard, Ethan’s friend Stewart and his girlfriend Karen model acceptance and show how security and love can make a vital difference in someone’s life. 

This story is quite well told, and the twist at the end is cleverly executed.

There are a few instances where the grammar is slightly stilted, particularly when a question is being asked. Presumably, this is because English is not the author’s first language. This would easily be fixed with some editing, but does not cause such a problem that it cannot simply be overlooked. While I noticed those occasions, they did not impede my understanding or my enjoyment of the story. 

An interesting and enjoyable read, ‘Deadly Deception’ has been awarded a Silver Acorn. 

Find your copy here


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