Book Review: ‘Kin: Horror in Moonshine Holler’ by J.B.Richards

This is a short story read that takes the reader from Texas to the wilds of West Virginia and an old family’s quest for revenge. 

While the tale has a few well-crafted macabre moments, it’s not really a full-on horror story as such- although it’s fair to say that at least one of the characters might beg to differ. It is a story of tragedy and of loyalty that binds a family against anyone who hurts one of their own. It’s a story that makes the reader hold their breath without realising it, and which highlights the often unforeseen consequences of one’s actions. 

The story is well written, interesting, and suspenseful. The characters are colourful and unique, and fit very well into the context and setting of the book.


One thought on “Book Review: ‘Kin: Horror in Moonshine Holler’ by J.B.Richards”

  1. Thank you for reading and reviewing “Kin: Horror in Moonshine Holler”, Mr. Squirrel! ‪I’m truly grateful to have gained a positive opinion on my newest release from one who is so well read and who provides such a valuable resource in recommending quality Indie books to our wonderful reading community‬!‬
    ‪JB Richards

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