Book Squirrel: Hibernation.

Because life has been more nuts than usual lately, and because it doesn’t look like those nuts are going to be easily managed anytime soon, Book Squirrel is going into hibernation for the remainder of 2021.

With very great sadness, Book Squirrel is going to pop his book review blog and his promotional services for Indie authors into a nice, dry tree trunk for storage until then.
As a further consequence, there will be no Golden Squirrel awards for 2021.

A permanent decision about the future will be made at the end of the year.

Book Squirrel offers his most sincere apologies to all his followers and supporters.

Bye for now.


2 thoughts on “Book Squirrel: Hibernation.”

  1. Thank you for everything you’ve done and everything you are. You’re appreciated whether you have gold or silver to bestow or not.


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