Book Squirrel’s Acorn Awards.

Rather than giving star ratings like everyone else, Book Squirrel wanted to make his own mark on the literary world. Put plainly, Book Squirrel likes nuts more than stars. Hence, he has developed the Acorn Awards.

The Golden Acorn is Book Squirrel’s highest seal of approval on a book, equivalent to a five star rating.

The Silver Acorn indicates that Book Squirrel enjoyed the book a lot, equivalent to a four star rating.

The Bronze Acorn is an indication that while a book was quite good, it may not have suited Book Squirrel’s tastes. It’s equivalent to a three star rating.

Book Squirrel doesn’t believe in publicising negative reviews. He might write an email to an author regarding the problem he has with a book, or he might just choose to pretend he never started reading it.

He’s really a very diplomatic little squirrel who just loves reading!

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