Book Review: ‘The Dream Walker’ Land of Mystica Book 1 by Michelle Murray

This book left me with very mixed feelings. I really liked the ideas and the storyline, and the characters are highly original and interesting. It has all the ingredients of a great read. 

However, the book itself needs polishing. A thorough edit to improve the continuity and flow of the sentences, which are generally too short and disjointed for a sustained narrative, would help the story flow better, increasing its ability to capture the reader’s imagination. Editing would also help to refine the expression, which is less evocative and emotive than it needs to be in order to achieve the depth that the reader needs to become fully immersed in the story. There are moments where the author does write quite beautifully, but there are too few of them to sufficiently support the whole narrative. 

There is so much unrealised potential here, which is really disappointing.

As it is, this book would suit less confident readers who shy away from more complex writing but want to enjoy an interesting fantasy story. 

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