Series Review: The ‘Christmas Miracle’ series by R.M. Gauthier

A novella series that mystery lovers will not want to miss out on!

This series of mystery novellas by R.M Gauthier is lighthearted and refreshing, although not without complications and moments of tension.

Each of these short stories provides a lovely diversion from a busy day or week by drawing the reader into the fictional world of Christmas Town, where the spirit of the festive season lingers all year round. Each is short enough to read in one sitting, but long enough to conveniently put down at the end of a chapter and resume reading later.  They’re great stories for all year round, and certainly not limited to the seasons in which the titular seasons occur.

The main character, Jack, is well developed and quite likeable. The air of mystery that surrounds his arrival in town over summer is intriguing, and definitely hooks the reader into the story.  Gauthier cleverly plays on the unresolved questions he brings with him, drawing the reader further into the story at the same time as further entangling Jack with every development and surprise in the plot.

Charlotte is an intriguing character – she appears to be open and easily read, but there is always an understanding that there’s much more to her than meets the eye. As Jack is surprised to discover, she’s just the person to keep him guessing and on his toes.

Other characters enjoy more development as the series progresses, so the reader also has opportunities to see more of  Bill, Christian and Hope as they appear in the successive stories.

These novellas are a change of pace for R.M. Gauthier, who has also been featured on this blog as the author of the more psychological mystery thriller series featuring Landon Miller.Acorn Award I Golden

All of Gauthier’s books are available on Amazon, and are free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

The Christmas Miracle Series is available in a boxed set, or as individual titles.

This is definitely a Gold Acorn series that mystery lovers will not want to miss out on!


Dec 23 ~ Featured Book: ‘Nine Ladies Dancing 2017’.

Book Squirrel’s Advent Event featured book for December 23 is ‘Nine Ladies Dancing 2017’.

This collection presents ten Regency romances by bestselling authors— some traditionally sweet, some clean, some mildly sensuous — in a boxed set.

Book Squirrel’s Advent Event featured book for December 23 is ‘Nine Ladies Dancing 2017’.

This collection presents ten Regency romances by bestselling authors— some traditionally sweet, some clean, some mildly sensuous — in a boxed set.

Anthology Nine Ladies Dancing 2017

A Lot Like a Lady — Ladies’ maid Juliet Baines finds that pretending to be a lady isn’t nearly as hard as guarding her heart against the folly of wanting a man who’s completely out of reach.

Love, Unmasked — Armed with a new and sensuous gown, a full-face mask, and complete anonymity, Fidelity Scott is determined to make some scandalous memories to sustain her for the rest of her loveless life. But is her life truly without love?

Healing Hearts — Joanna Leighton has seen what love can do to a person and she refuses to subject herself to that pain. But when the quiet and secretive Colin Aldridge moves to town, she begins to wonder if love is perhaps worth the pain it inevitably brings.

Midsummer Love — Three sweet, clean short stories explore just how much fun Regency romance can be.

The Bartered Wife — When her father informs her she’ll be marrying his stepson the next day, Abigail Cavendish stumbles in shock from the house and directly beneath the hooves of a frightened horse. Unconscious, she’s unable to fight back when her father decides to go ahead with the marriage by proxy.

Four Calling Bards — Faced with a sudden plethora of suitors, vicar’s daughter Amanda Collins must choose between the lord of the manor, his footman, or the butcher. Or dare she remain unwed, caring for her father and advocating for the abolition of slavery?

The Color of Deception — After artist Kitty Sullyard mysteriously disappears, Nathaniel Bexley has only a single clue with which to find her. Will he be able to decipher the secret message she’s hidden in a drawing, or will Kitty be doomed to the hands of her kidnappers?

The Duke and His Bluestocking — Augustus Balfour, Duke of Carlisle, needs a wife. But the only woman he finds interesting has no need of a husband. Is there anything he can say to change bluestocking Georgiana Allen’s mind?

The Golden Goose — Rose Walsh tried to escape one man only to be kidnapped and held prisoner by another. She has lived under disguise as a ship’s boy for eight years. Then she hears the voice of a man that sparks a memory of the woman she once was. Will the bond they form see them to safety — and maybe beyond?

Something Like a Lady — Lady Annabella Price prefers hiding out in an abandoned cottage in the country to being with her stepbrother, the Duke of Wyndham, for even a day. At least she did… until the insufferable Lord Seabrook showed up.

‘Nine Ladies Dancing 2017’ is available on Amazon.

Dec 16 ~ Featured Book: ‘A Very Faerie Christmas: Six Holiday Inspired Novellas’

Book Squirrel’s Advent Event featured book for December 16 is ‘A Very Faerie Christmas: Six Holiday Inspired Novellas’.

This looks like a wonderful holiday collection at a very budget-friendly price

Book Squirrel’s Advent Event featured book for December 16 is ‘A Very Faerie Christmas: Six Holiday Inspired Novellas’ by Meara Platt, Avril Borthiry, Ruth Vincent, Jack Heckel, Michele Lang, and Bishop O’Connell. 

Anthology A Very Faerie Christmas

Join award winning, USA Today and bestselling authors for a journey into the enchanted realm of the Fae with this collection of brand new holiday stories spanning from humorous Regency and tender historical to quirky contemporary and gritty urban tales of faerie magic, human redemption, and the power of love.

Meara Platt – A Mistletoe Kiss: When Lady Imogen Fairchild wishes for a faerie godmother, her Christmas wish goes awry and she finds herself with Beogrin, a handsome Fae warrior, instead. Beogrin is duty bound to serve her and is not in the least happy about it. Neither is Imogen, for she cannot have a hulking, brawny soldier following her around. But will Imogen ever be able to release this Fae warrior from his obligation to her now that he has conquered her heart?

Avril Borthiry – Matthew’s Hope: Set in England’s rural north at the turn of the 20th century, Matthew’s journey from boy to man is plagued with challenges. Yet throughout, he never forgets the little girl who saved his life, the girl no one else could see. Was she real? Or had he imagined her?
As Britain and Europe descend into ‘the war to end all wars’, Matthew must face his greatest challenge of all. It is at his lowest point, his darkest time, that the girl he has never forgotten returns. Her name is Hope. Is she real? Because she is exactly what Matthew needs.

Jack Heckel – The Holly And The Ivy: By most measures, Malcolm has a great life, but nothing seems right, not even his perfect girlfriend. After leaving a party, he encounters the faerie Phaedra, but can her magic help him find true love in time for Christmas? And if so, is he willing to pay the price? A story inspired by the Christmas carol of the same name.

Ruth Vincent – Above Thy Deep And Dreamless Sleep: When the Fairy Queen tries to guilt-trip her changeling daughter, Mab, into returning to fairyland by transforming Mab’s loved ones into mannequins in the New York City Christmas store window displays, Mab must outwit the Fairy Queen’s tricks to save her friends and learn what it truly means to go home for the holidays.

Michele Lang – The Laws Of Magic: When a wicked army of Night Fae invades the small coastal town of New Castle, Connecticut, Ayna Cassidy, human chaos machine, must somehow overcome her painfully tangled past and stop them from ravaging her home. With the help of a magical lawyer, Rowan Royall, Ayna seeks both true love and salvation – but first she must unlock the secret magic hidden deep in her heart.

Bishop O’Connell – The Greatest Gift Of All: Wraith is a spell slinger, able to manipulate reality itself, but she’s been on the streets since losing her parents and her life has never been easy. Through all the darkness, she’s always tried to help the other children living at the fringes of society; the dejected, the ignored, and the forgotten. Now, the Fae court needs her help in finding a solstice child. If Wraith succeeds, the child will become a beacon of hope. If she fails, the child will become a monster, inspiring anger and rage. Wraith has faced all manner of terrors, both mundane and supernatural, and has never backed down from a fight. Can she save this solstice child and bring hope to the hopeless when she’s never had much of that even for herself?

‘A Very Faerie Christmas: Six Holiday Inspired Novellas’ is available at Amazon.

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