Book Review: ‘A Man’s Word’ by Martin Jensen

The third book in Martin Jensen’s ‘King’s Hounds’ medieval historical mystery series, ‘A Man’s Word’ is an intriguing murder mystery set in the village of Thetford. The mystery is complex and challenging, presenting a variety of possible suspects and motives which are further obscured by the transient population visiting the town for the court sessions and the markets. 

Like ‘The King’s Hounds’ and ‘Oathbreaker’, the narrative is enriched with local colour and characters who add further dimensions to the story, and with historical detail that brings the context and setting of the story to life. Being immersed in the story causes the reader to consider the  facts and develop theories about investigation, which increases their engagement and investment in the plot while Winston, Alfalfa and Halfdan conduct their inquiries and develop and test their theories.

This is a most enjoyable and satisfying mystery read.


Book Review: ‘Irma’s Endgame’ by Paulette Mahurin

It is a well-crafted mystery story that goes beyond the “whodunnit” aspect to touch on ideas or issues that are both fascinating and thought-provoking at the same time. 

‘Irma’s Endgame’ is just such a book. A compelling mystery novel on one hand, and a powerful “What if?’ premise on the other, ensures that the reader will be fully engaged in the intricacies of this story. It demonstrates the best and worst of human nature, and explores the vulnerability of even the closest of relationships to a range of external forces. 

The story is well-paced and carefully constructed. The characters are varied and interesting, and quite realistic. 

An enjoyable and interesting read, ‘Irma’s Endgame’ has been awarded a Silver Acorn. 

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Book Review: ‘Murder By The Book’ by Devorah Fox

‘Murder By The Book’ is a short story with all the ingredients of a good murder mystery. There are plenty of suspects, a handsome cop and a clever amateur sleuth with a love of mystery novels and a keen eye for details.

It’s an enjoyable story that can be read in about half an hour, so it fits perfectly into a lunch break or a quiet spot in the day.

‘Murder By The Book’ has been awarded a Silver Acorn. 

Find your copy here.

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