The Mansfield Trilogy

Lona Manning’s historical romance novel ‘A Contrary Wind’ is an excellent variation on Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park, and now stands as the first book in The Mansfield Trilogy. 

‘A Contrary Wind’ is not new to this blog: the book was awarded a Gold Acorn review in January 2019, and won a silver award in the annual Golden Squirrel Awards in the same year. 

That a second and third book have been written to follow and further develop Fanny’s story will delight all who have read the first instalment in the series.

This is a series that even devoted fans of Jane Austen will enjoy for its consistency with the language and style of Austen, even though the story does divert from that of Mansfield Park and follow its own original path. 

What other reviewers have said about ‘A Contrary Wind’:

“…Excellent.. it’s a novel which certainly deserves a place on the bookshelves of a Jane Austen fan.” — Jane Austen Centre, Bath

“Manning …. emulates Austen’s writing style so well that she often seamlessly incorporates exact passages from the original into her narrative…. Many try to emulate Austen; not all succeed. Here, Manning triumphs.” BlueInk Review Starred Review

“Highly recommend it. Extremely well written, extremely clever, the way she incorporated details from the original Mansfield Park.” — First Impressions podcast

“Brava to Lona Manning for her thoughtful twists and skillful execution in this variation. This story was in no way predictable and it kept me guessing almost until the end!….   – Meredith Esparza, Austenesque Reviews

“A Contrary Wind is well-written, keeping close to the style of Austen. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it. I never lost interest and enjoyed the occasional comic relief.”  — Historical Novel Society

New Release: ‘Regency Love: Reflections of a Young Lady’ by TL Clark

Available on Amazon and other stores.

Balls and parties are not all fun and frivolity…

Finding a husband on the marriage mart is a serious business. Lady Anne sets out with an unromantic heart, appreciating how narrow her field of choice is – dukes are not in abundance. 

However, her heart is won over by charm and flattery. Can Lord Felsenworth prove himself worthy despite his lower rank of earl? Her papa, the Duke of Hesford, will take much persuasion. 

During the course of the Season, other beaux step forwards. Some more agreeable than others. Lady Anne struggles between head and heart as she tries her best to obey family duty. 

Choice is but an illusion. This is Regency England, where fortunes are won and lost with alarming regularity. Who amongst the nobility has kept and who has squandered the family fortune? 

Gossip and intrigue are rife amongst The Ton. Not all are honourable. And not all marriages are equal.

Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer fans will love the authenticity, Christi Caldwell ones will enjoy the naughty bits.

Step into Regency London and hear what Lady Anne truly thought of her situation.The drawing room doors are opening for you. 

It should be noted that this book contains an attempted seduction and arousing scenes of marital duties. It may therefore not be suitable for gently bred ladies.
This book is a standalone Regency romance novel.

Dec 23 ~ Featured Book: ‘Nine Ladies Dancing 2017’.

Book Squirrel’s Advent Event featured book for December 23 is ‘Nine Ladies Dancing 2017’.

This collection presents ten Regency romances by bestselling authors— some traditionally sweet, some clean, some mildly sensuous — in a boxed set.

Book Squirrel’s Advent Event featured book for December 23 is ‘Nine Ladies Dancing 2017’.

This collection presents ten Regency romances by bestselling authors— some traditionally sweet, some clean, some mildly sensuous — in a boxed set.

Anthology Nine Ladies Dancing 2017

A Lot Like a Lady — Ladies’ maid Juliet Baines finds that pretending to be a lady isn’t nearly as hard as guarding her heart against the folly of wanting a man who’s completely out of reach.

Love, Unmasked — Armed with a new and sensuous gown, a full-face mask, and complete anonymity, Fidelity Scott is determined to make some scandalous memories to sustain her for the rest of her loveless life. But is her life truly without love?

Healing Hearts — Joanna Leighton has seen what love can do to a person and she refuses to subject herself to that pain. But when the quiet and secretive Colin Aldridge moves to town, she begins to wonder if love is perhaps worth the pain it inevitably brings.

Midsummer Love — Three sweet, clean short stories explore just how much fun Regency romance can be.

The Bartered Wife — When her father informs her she’ll be marrying his stepson the next day, Abigail Cavendish stumbles in shock from the house and directly beneath the hooves of a frightened horse. Unconscious, she’s unable to fight back when her father decides to go ahead with the marriage by proxy.

Four Calling Bards — Faced with a sudden plethora of suitors, vicar’s daughter Amanda Collins must choose between the lord of the manor, his footman, or the butcher. Or dare she remain unwed, caring for her father and advocating for the abolition of slavery?

The Color of Deception — After artist Kitty Sullyard mysteriously disappears, Nathaniel Bexley has only a single clue with which to find her. Will he be able to decipher the secret message she’s hidden in a drawing, or will Kitty be doomed to the hands of her kidnappers?

The Duke and His Bluestocking — Augustus Balfour, Duke of Carlisle, needs a wife. But the only woman he finds interesting has no need of a husband. Is there anything he can say to change bluestocking Georgiana Allen’s mind?

The Golden Goose — Rose Walsh tried to escape one man only to be kidnapped and held prisoner by another. She has lived under disguise as a ship’s boy for eight years. Then she hears the voice of a man that sparks a memory of the woman she once was. Will the bond they form see them to safety — and maybe beyond?

Something Like a Lady — Lady Annabella Price prefers hiding out in an abandoned cottage in the country to being with her stepbrother, the Duke of Wyndham, for even a day. At least she did… until the insufferable Lord Seabrook showed up.

‘Nine Ladies Dancing 2017’ is available on Amazon.

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