Book Review: ‘Kennedy Awakens’ by Greg Alldredge

‘Kennedy Awakens’ is a quick-paced urban fantasy that blurs the lines between truth and lies, good and evil, magic and non-magic, while pitching them against one another to measure their integrity. 

The action unfolds dramatically and Kennedy is forced to form unlikely alliances in her quest for peace and for the truth, all the while doubting if either one is actually achievable. 

A story that celebrates friendship and truth, this is a most entertaining read that will be appreciated not only by readers of urban fantasy, but also by anyone who enjoys paranormal suspense, magical adventure and regular fantasy books.

Book Review: A Wolf in the Dark’ by S.E. Turner

S.E. Turner A Wolf In The DarkRather than being a sequel to ‘A Hare In The Wilderness’, this is the parallel story that converges in some places with the first book, although is never repetitive as it is told from a completely different perspective.

Once again, Turner explores themes of human nature, perseverance and overcoming in this action-packed story which is as original as its companion volume. While there are certainly moments filled with despair and fear, the author focuses the reader on the positive mental strength and determination of the lead characters in enabling them to endure their trials.

Unlike the first instalment of the story, a good deal of the action of this story takes place at court, answering some of the readers’ questions and heightening their involvement in both levels of the story. Once again, the story is full of engaging and likeable characters, along with a few who are easy to detest, while the occasional blurring of those boundaries makes the story even more interesting.

While the most central character is male, there is also a very strong and resourceful female lead character who personifies the qualities of loyalty and teamwork in a way that is inspiring for all readers. Something I really like to see in a story is people being united by their challenges and working together for good, regardless of gender, class or anything else that might divide them.

With many positives woven into the one compelling story, ‘A Wolf In The Dark’ would work perfectly well as a standalone, but is even better enjoyed in the context of its companion story. Acorn Award II Silver

I have awarded this great book a very solid Silver Acorn.

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Book Review: ‘Mystery At The Fair’ by Connie Cockrell

Readers who enjoy a good mystery will be sure to enjoy ‘Mystery At The Fair’. 

Connie Cockrell Mystery At The Fair
This book introduces Jean Hays, new to Greyson, Arizona, and the newest member of the organising committee for the annual local fair. There are complications aplenty, even before the fair gets under way, and Jean finds herself at front and centre of the story.

This is a well-crafted mystery, full of twists and turns that surprise the reader and keep them guessing right up to the end and a few red herrings thrown in for good measure. The characters are well rounded and interesting, with their flaws as evident as their strengths, making them relatable and realistic.


Those readers who enjoy a good mystery will be sure to enjoy ‘Mystery At The Fair’. Acorn Award I Golden


Book Squirrel has awarded this book a Gold Acorn.


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